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Infraestructures de Muntanya, S.L. is a company with ten years experience in the field of public works in high mountainous areas, specializing in the construction of suspension bridges, most often for walkers but also for vehicles.

Our experience in the design and building of suspension bridges, whether from our own designs or from clients, whether spanning rivers, gorges or any other depression in the landscape, allows us to study and evaluate how best to fix these structures in areas where access is difficult but where communication or tourism will be of great benefit.

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Human resources.

Infrastructures de Muntanya is a continually developing company with ambitions to grow and expand the market for its products and services throughout the world. We are always looking for trained and experienced individuals to join our team, and continue to invest in training for all our employees.

If you have or you know of a project to construct a suspension bridge, or if you are interested in forming part of our team, do not hesitate to get in touch.


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