History: Infraestructures de Muntanya, S.L

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In 2003, a multidisciplinary group comprised of forestry engineers, industrial engineers and geologists, decided to try and fill this gap in the market that we detected and offer a service of public or private works in mountainous regions or other areas with difficult access

We have developed innovative techniques of working vertically, such as drilling in inaccessible rock faces. These techniques, together with experience acquired in other mountain projects, inspired us to create our own designs for suspension bridges, particularly suited to this kind of work because they use lightweight materials, easy to transport and assemble.

Over the years, after completing many different projects, many hours discussing and thinking how we can improve our environment and give something back to society, we arrived at the conclusion that the best way to show our love for the mountains was to make them more accessible for the general public. To create new means of access or new communication between two villages separated by a river, for example. To open up extraordinary new worlds which had before remained hidden because there was no suspension bridge.




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