Material and components for the construction of suspension bridges.

Infraestructures de Muntanya treballa amb tota la gamma de cables existents al mercat

iMuntanya has been working with cables since its foundation as a company and thus has an extensive knowledge of all materials possible and the qualities they offer. The different uses of cables mean that for each one we must choose the most suitable.

iMuntanya works with the complete range of cables currently available on the market.

Infraestrtuctures de Muntanya works with the complete range of cables currently available on the market.We are specialists available for your consultation and we can provide and install the cable which is most suitable for your needs.

Our various projects constructing suspension bridges have made us cable specialists and led us to provide a wide range of products for suspension bridges.
We can provide the following components, some of which are our own design and manufacture.

  • Staples to connect vertical brace cables to the principal cable and to connect the veticals to the platform
  • Rigid and flexible steel hangers
  • Anchorage of cable to ground
  • Pieces to link the supporting cable with the ground anchorage
  • Supports for the principal cable on the pillars
  • Steel bars for micro-piles.

We can provide and install all components necessary for a suspension bridge.


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