Integrated policy: Quality, Environmental and Safety

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The Direction of INFRAESTRUCTURES OF MUNTANYA states that constitutes its business will and primary objective pay full attention in each of the activities we run, in every decision we take and every action we perform

IMuntanya encourage the implementation of the principles set forth below as part of its compromise with the quality, environment and safety and health at work, and take this philosophy in every department of the company:

  • Provide training and information to apply for each job procedures to ensure quality standards, environmental protection and prevention of damage and health deterioration.
  • Comply with applicable laws and other agreements to which the company voluntarily receives, as well as customer requirements where they exist.
  • Take the necessary measures to reduce the environmental risk impact
  • Report on and evaluate suppliers and subcontractors of our compromise with the quality, environment and health prevention.
  • Periodically check the procedure followed in the implementation of environmental principles, quality and prevention of occupational risks to ensure continuous improvement.
  • Take the necessary to prevent contamination.
  • Identify, evaluate and define customer requirements, needs and expectations in order to get a full satisfaction of our customers by providing products that let pleased
  • Systematically control each and every one of the relevant factors of which depends the quality of our products.
  • Promote communication between our workers as a tool and output via of all human potential.
  • Infraestructures de Muntanya direction commits to review and revise its policy periodically and to communicate to all their workers and the general public.




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