Baro Suspension bridge

Baro Suspension Hanging Bridge

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Baro Suspension Hanging Bridge Suspension hanging bridge Baro platform Suspension bridge Baro pillars and chairs right side Suspension hanging bridge Baro anchors

Rehabilitation of the old bridge Arcalis located in Baro, Pallars Sobirà (Lleida)

Site: Baro, Pallars Sobirà (LLeida)
Property / owner: Generalidad de Cataluña
Contractor: Romero Polo
Year of Construction: 2009
Design: Fernandez Casado


  • Length: 42 m
  • Width: 3m
  • Platform: Mixed steel-wood able to withstand the passage of vehicles and small trucks
  • Hangers: rigid steel
  • Ground anchors: by active wire of 21 m length
  • Pillars and chairs:  recovery of the original ones


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