Suspension Bridges: Andes Model

Vista de una construccio del pont penjat model andes

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operario trabajando puente colgante andes operarios colocando suelo puente colgante puente colgante modelo andes primera- fase construccion vista aerea puente colgante modelo andes sujeccion pared montaña puente colgante andes
vista inferior puente colgante modelo andes

The Andes model suspension bridge is the most similar to the classic Tibetan model, consisting of two cables embedded into the rock, without supporting columns or flexible "pendulum" cables.
The difference between the Tibetan and this model is that users do not walk on a cable but on a platform of wood, steel, or any other material which will allow passage with no need for a safety harness.

Designed for installation in zones with difficult access

This model is designed for installation in areas where access is difficult and there are problems to transport materials. The materials also have to be lightweight because the cables do not have any external support.

No limits regarding length

This model has no limits regarding length, but a minimum width of 1m or 1.5m is recommended.

Ideal for walkers and cyclists and for those with a limited budget.


Chulilla bridge

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