Suspension Bridges: Atlas Model

puente colgante modelo atlas

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hanging bridge atles trabajos finales puente modelo Atlas Hanging bridge atlas operarios construccion puente colgante atlas colocacion de cuerdas puente colgante modelo Atlas
hanging bridge atlas hanging bridge atlas soldador puente colgante base soporte puente colgante
 high quality model which requires a detailed study of the area and its possibilities. Consisting of a cable bridge anchored to the ground with supporting pilars, rigid steel pendulums, a rigid steel platform or concrete.

Designed for walkers but strong enough for vehicles.

Designed for walkers but strong enough for vehicles. A bridge built to the highest standards but concealing its strength with graceful, simple lines.

No length limitations. Width from 2.5m - 4m. Ideal to increase the touristic value of a zone or to replace an existing bridge which has fallen into disrepair.


Baro hanging bridge
Pièlagos hanging bridge

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